Tire Rack Safety Survival Program Aims to Save Lives

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

HUNTSVILLE,  Ala.- According to the most recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, nearly 4,000 young people between the ages 15 to 20 are involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes annually in the United States.

Only 32 states require teens to take a driver’s education course before obtaining a license, and Alabama is not one of them. Research shows that completing a driver’s education reduces that likelihood for teen drivers

Today the Tire Rack Street Survival Program held an event at the Milton Frank Stadium in Huntsville that could help save teens lives. The program ran all day from 8 am to 5pm and aimed to put students in situations they may face while on the road, such as abruptly changing lanes in case of stopped cars or debris on the road. They even put water on the road so students could feel what it is like to hydroplane in rain puddles, something that could occur often in our area.

Ashley Nurney the Vice President of Twickenham Auto Club says  “It’s not about speed, it’s not about performance driving, it’s teaching them what happens when they are distracted or how to react in a situation where if a car comes out in front of them, how they can prepare better for that.”

For the students, it meant a lot to get out and learn these skills. Madyssen Woodford attended the course and says “It’s important we learn these to especially save a life and just learn how to drive correctly and make sure that nothing bad happens.”

The drivers were able to try this stuff out in their own vehicles that way they could take the skills they learned, directly to the streets.

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