City says litter clean up is normally collective effort

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Imagine driving along the interstate and trash starts to hit your windshield.

That's what happened to one driver this week.

So, what happens when a truck is long gone but the garbage remains?

The City of Huntsville's Operation Green Team said several groups come together to sweep the streets.

"One is landscape management. As a team we go out two hundred eighteen square miles picking up," explained Joy McKee, City of Huntsville Landscape Management Director. "We also have community service who actually go out with us on Saturdays and go out to areas and pick up debris."

McKee said the state clean up programs normally take care of major state highways.

The city wants to also remind citizens to put their garbage in bags before placing it in the city trash bins.

McKee said that could reduce the amount of litter that comes off garbage trucks on city streets.

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