Wernher von Braun and Huntsville – How It Came to Be

Retired Army Materiel Command Historian Michael Baker talks about Wernher von Braun and his team. He recounts the shock of the Sputnik launch,  Toftoy “on his hands and knees begging” for relocation to Redstone, Vanguard’s failure leading to Explorer 1, and the impact of von Braun and the Army on the Apollo mission and Huntsville specifically.

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Michael Baker and Steve Johnson


This Episode Features

Michael Baker, Retired AMC Historian

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Giving Credit

This episode was originally recorded at the WHNT News 19 television studios in February 2019. The podcast is produced in partnership with Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation. SE3 episode produced by Steve Johnson and Daniel Godwin. Music provided by Megatrax.

About Apollo 11 Legacies

Apollo 11 Legacies celebrates the space mission that took us to the moon. Most episodes are based on panel discussions in Huntsville, Alabama, featuring those who were directly involved or have a personal connection to the Apollo mission. The podcast captures their personal stories shared with a live audience. It also features professionals from NASA, industry, government and academia talking about their work in space, engineering and related fields. Produced in cooperation with the U. S. Space and Rocket Center‘s 2019 Pass the Torch Legacy panel lecture series.


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