City of Arab to work with new ambulance service starting July 1

ARAB, Ala. - Mayor Bob Joslin announced at Monday night's city council meeting that their long-time ambulance service, Samaritan EMS, would be no more by the end of the month. In the meantime, no one needs to worry, because a new plan with the Marshall Medical Centers is already in the works.

Samaritan EMS has been Arab's ambulance service since 2013, roughly six years. They’ve served the city well, but the company’s owners are simply moving on from the EMS business.

"They came in person, the owners of Samaritan, and said as of July 1 they were terminating the ambulance service, they were going out of that business," said Arab Mayor Bob Joslin.

Joslin describes the city’s six-year relationship with Samaritan EMS as invaluable, especially when you consider the lives saved and people helped in that amount of time.

“They’ve done a great service for the city of Arab the past six years," he said.

But the transition to a new ambulance service through the Marshall Medical Centers is already in play.

“We plan to do the same type of operation with Marshall Medical Services," Joslin said. "Hopefully we can make an easy transition where we won’t skip a beat and we’ll be back in business by July the 1."

The new ambulance service will start to take over as soon as an interim contract is signed. Samaritan EMS won’t go anywhere until the company knows Arab is in good hands.

“They’ll be here to make sure we have a seamless transition," Joslin said. "That’s just the way they are. They’re a great group."

An interim working agreement between Marshall Medical Center and the City of Arab will be signed in the next couple of days, and Joslin hopes by July 1, citizens won't even notice a difference in their ambulance service.

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