Want to Become a Huntsville Police Officer? Hear one officer’s academy experience

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Bruce Jansen started his career as a Huntsville police officer in 2005.

He went through 18 weeks of training at the police academy, like most officers he had a lot to learn.

When Jansen was in the academy, he unknowingly broke a rule. He contacted an active duty police officer, which is against the academy rules.

He learned the hard way when you’re a Huntsville police officer, you don’t break the rules.

Jansen’s punishment was carrying an 85-pound punching bag around camp for a week.

“It sat on my lap, it could not touch the ground that was the rule. I had to do push-ups with it,” said Jansen.

Jansen said the training was physically and mentally exhausting and at one point he considered giving up. He said police work is a job that takes courage, strength, and determination. Being a police officer is a dangerous job where you have to anticipate the unexpected and he says giving up is never an option.

“You don’t always get a second chance at life because if someone wants to hurt you, they don’t care if you’re new, they don’t care if you’ve been here for 30 years,” stated Jansen.

If you are interested in becoming a Huntsville Police Officer, click here.

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