School Delays across the Tennessee Valley

Google Trends map reveals the words each state struggles to spell

With the National Spelling Bee upon us, Google Trends decided to take a look at the words that people in each U.S. state have the most trouble spelling.

The company says they came up with the list based on the search phrase “how to spell…”

Each state had its own struggle. Words range from the more complex words like “veterinarian” in Delaware to simpler words like “heart” in Maryland.

In Idaho, the most searched word to spell was “embarrassed.”Hawaii is a little perplexing, their top spelling search was the word “Hawaii.”

‘Niece’ was the most searched spelling word in the state of Alabama and ‘Bougie’ was the most searched word in New York.

The most commonly looked up spelling word, that took the top spot across eight states, was ‘beautiful’.

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