Community members gather at Huntsville Veterans Memorial to honor fallen service members

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Memorial Day, a holiday some families celebrate with cookouts and family fun, is not always a happy day for those who've lost someone who died while serving this country.

"I lost a brother in Vietnam so its something personal with me, as it is with most of these veterans here," said Gary Carpenter, DAV Commander.

But event organizers said people must not forget about those lost, instead of honor the work they've done.

"They wanted to come forward and say on Memorial Day before I put the hamburgers on the grill, and the hot dogs on the grill," said Max Bennett, event organizer.  "I want to remember what this day was for and commemorate those who have given their lives for our country."

Dozens of families and community groups gathered in support of one another at the memorial.

"All of the veterans organizations from Huntsville and Madison County are here, we've lined them up on the left and the right and their names will be called, representing the area of their constituency, they will move the wreath forward and lay it here at the memorial," Bennett added.

Organizations in attendance walked there wreaths around the memorial before leaving them in a designated spot.

Organizers said this should not be a day people overlook, the fallen should never be forgotten.

"It's because of all the countries who have given their young men and women for freedom and then forgot about them," explained Bennett. "So it's a very arrogant country that sends their men and women off to battle and then forgets about them."

He said that's something the people here in Huntsville refuse to do.

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