Several Tennessee Valley schools cancel after school activities Monday due to weather concerns

City of Athens approves paving projects; looks at $600,000 in additional paving

ATHENS, Ala. – At the May 23 council meeting, Mayor Ronnie Marks presented the council with a plan to use $600,000 from alcohol revenue for paving and/or infrastructure improvements.

The council introduced a resolution and opted to divide the $600,000 equally among the districts. With help from public works, the council will set priorities for each district and vote on the resolution at a June meeting.

The council also approved $49,225 in paving for the First Avenue Drainage Grant Project. Once that project is complete, crews will pave:

  • First Avenue from Irvin to N. Houston
  • Horton from First Avenue to Pryor
  • Madison from First Avenue to Second Avenue
  • Malone north of Pryor
  • First Avenue east of N. Horton
  • North Houston

These projects are in addition to projects already approved and scheduled:

  • North Jefferson Street—$300,000
  • Fifth Avenue—$125,000
  • Portions of Clinton Street—$120,000
  • Lucas Ferry Road with Limestone County—City portion $150,000

Dolph Bradford with the Street Department said crews are fixing spots on Moyers Road today (May 24), continuing the paving work in Canebrake, and doing concrete work on Golden Eagle Drive. He plans for crews to repair a spot on Lindsay Lane at Pepper Road next week and has crews working to repair a spot on Clinton Street near the Baptist church.

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