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Huntsville man’s murder conviction upheld by appeals court

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the murder conviction of a man serving a life sentence for the 2009 murder of his stepfather.

On Friday the court affirmed the murder conviction of Clarence Fearn, 47, of Huntsville.

Fearn was arrested in July 2014 for killing George Woodard at his home at the corner of Debbie Boulevard and Naugher Road in Madison County. Woodard was in his driveway early that morning, about to head to his job at the Toyota plant in Huntsville when he was shot in the head.

Prosecutors said Fearn had a friend drive him to Woodard’s house and let him out of the car. The friend drove around until he heard gunshots and went back to pick Fearn up. When Fearn got back in the vehicle, the witness said Fearn told him “I got the motherf—er.”

Woodard’s murder went unsolved for several years, even though prosecutors said Fearn was a suspect. They said they received a break in the case when the man who drove Fearn to Woodard’s home told police what actually happened.



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