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18-wheeler crashes into technology building in Tanner, causing fire

18 wheeler crashes into building in Tanner, AL.

TANNER, Ala. – Officials say an 18-wheeler crashed into a building Tuesday night causing a fire.

According to authorities, the crash happened around 11:40 p.m. at the Alabama Robotics Technology Park in Tanner near the Calhoun Community College campus on US 31. Fire crews said the woman driving the 18-wheeler was heading northbound and lost control of her vehicle. The truck skidded across the road and ended up running into the building causing a fire to erupt.

The driver was able to get out of the vehicle with only minor injuries.

Crews were able to put the fire out safely but the building and vehicle did receive damage.

“Crews got here on the scene shortly after we got the call. We got the fire put out on the truck and the fire in the building had a sprinkler system and it did a really good job in helping extinguish the fire,” Tracy Thornton, Battalion Chief Decatur Fire Department.

What caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle has not been released.

According to AIDT, it was the Phase 3 building in the Technology Park and the crash caused damage to a portion of the facility that houses classrooms and the lobby.

Disaster recovery services are currently on hold due to an order from officials not to enter the building.

The original architect for the building will be on site Thursday, May 23rd, to inspect the facility. A structural engineer will inspect the facility on Friday, May 24th.

The timeline for repairs is pending reports from both the architect and the structural engineer.

It will take approximately two weeks for the disaster recovery process to be completed once officials allow staff back into the structure.

FAME Classes are currently suspended until further notice. AIDT will send out a notice with a timeline for classes to resume when the information becomes available.

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