Two Colbert County Schools delayed tomorrow, August 26

Small group holds protest in Huntsville to speak out against abortion bans

HUNTSVILLE, Ala - A rally was held in Huntsville Tuesday to protest abortion bans that have been passed in states all over the country. The organizer said she wanted to do this in conjunction with the rallies being held across the nation.

The march began in Big Spring Park. Demonstrators later made their way to the courthouse. The group was small compared to the number of protestors who showed up on Sunday. But organizer, Halie Carlin,  says the cause is so important to her she would have marched alone if no one else showed up.

"This is my sister's life and my niece's life. It's not just me. I'm not fighting for myself. I'm fighting for everybody," Carlin said.

She says she held the rally to have her voice heard and she hopes it shows that even though the big weekend protests are over - people will not give up the fight against abortion bans, including the one passed last week in Alabama.

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