Be prepared for metal detector screening when entering graduation at the Von Braun Center

HUNTSVILLE Ala. - Graduation season is upon us! Security teams at the Von Braun Center want you to get into the ceremony on time, and need you to expect the security screening process. The metal detectors used will add some delay time when waiting to get inside.

'Leave your pocket knives at home, leave anything that's going to be picked up by the metal detectors," said William Chappell, an officer with Von Braun Center Armed Security. "Bring small bags because there will be bag searches."

The doors to the VBC will open two hours before graduation time so those in attendance, as well as all the students, will have time to go through the metal detectors.

For normal events, balloons, signs, and cameras are prohibited, but for graduation, these items are an exception.

"You can bring your cameras, you can bring your balloons, but you're not allowed to have outside food and beverages," Chappell said.

The most important thing to remember is once graduation is over, you're asked not to linger around.

"The first people that come in for graduation, we want them to have fun, but we have another event right behind them," Chappell said. "Once they're done we need them to exit and move on to their vehicles. Don't loiter in the lobby, because we need to get the place cleaned up and ready for the next one."

Prohibited items include aerosol cans, coolers, oversized bags, and backpacks.

You should leave your weapons at home. The VBC also has armed security to keep patrons safe.

When you enter the VBC the metal detectors will be in front of each door. Before walking through the detectors, you will put your metal items in a bowl to the side.

If you are attending upcoming graduations or any event at the Von Braun Center, be sure to give yourself extra time and double-check the list of prohibited items.

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