Michigan man with special needs gets new tricycle after his was reportedly stolen

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ) — Mt. Clemens neighbors took action after a special needs man had his bike stolen.

It was reportedly snatched in the night from his doorsteps near 5th Street and Crocker. He used the bike to get to work and shop.

Shawn Vandelinder has known the man for four years.

“We look out for him around here,” Vandelinder said.

When she heard what happened, she went to social media for help and posted, “My mentally handicap neighbors three wheel bike was stolen…. I just feel so bad.”

A man responded to the post in less than 24 hours. Shawn and her cousin Rhonda Lawsky went to the man’s home in Harrison Township and retrieved the new bike.

“The guy who donated was a great guy,” said Lawsky. “He was very sweet and happy to help.”

The look on their neighbor’s face when he saw his new bike neighbors describe as priceless. It was an act of kindness that started with a social media request and reconfirmed the man’s faith in humanity.

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