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A chill in the air tonight, but summer-like heat and humidity surge soon!

Cooler, drier air means a reprieve from the heat and humidity for now! Tonight, Tuesday, and Tuesday night look fantastic: dry, comfortably cool overnight, and pleasantly warm in the daytime.

It gets cool tonight! Expect some 40s in the cool spots and low-50s in the middle of town for morning lows on Tuesday. We’ll get one more stunning May day: highs in the 70s with a light north-northeast wind and practically full sunshine the whole way. Humidity begins creeping upward Wednesday, and although the chance of rain is relatively low, we’ll be on the lookout for a band of rain and storms sneaking in from the north by Wednesday evening.

Summertime pattern soon: Enjoy the comfortable weather while it lasts! We won’t see many more days like this before the Fall.

Hotter, more humid air moving into the region on Wednesday will help fuel a complex of showers and thunderstorms; that ‘complex’ starts out Wednesday morning near St. Louis and moves southeast through the day. Oddly enough, the air there will be a little warmer and muggier and more unstable than the atmosphere around here on Wednesday, and that may prevent a lot of widespread rain and storms in Alabama and Southern Tennessee. We’ll have to watch it closely, though, because even though this is a lower-chance rain/storm day, some downpours could still develop and be impactful to outdoor activities and agricultural needs like cutting/baling hay.

The odds of a downpour producing more than 1/4” of rain Wednesday are only around 30%.

That chance rises some for Thursday accounting for rain and some storms that may develop late Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Another batch of scattered storms may develop on Friday.

You may notice the ‘uncertain’ terms reflecting rainfall potential; there’s a good reason for that. This kind of pattern is very summer-like, and as much as meteorologists hate the word ‘unpredictable,’ this is one of those situations. Why? We’re able to see the environment in which storms should develop and move, but we cannot see the specific storms, their future interactions with other storms, and how that potential influence will pan out farther out in time. It’s too many variables and unknowns to specifically ‘know’ what will happen.

This pattern is very much an early-summer one: hotter, more humid, and a chance of some unevenly-distributed, scattered afternoon and evening storms through the end of the week.

A pattern like this does not guarantee you rain, so if you have things to do outside, go ahead and plan to get them done. Just understand you may have to dodge a downpour or a brief thunderstorm.

Hotter weather in the waiting: The temperature barely hit the low-70s around Huntsville and The Shoals Monday. We’ll make it to the mid-70s Tuesday, and it’s back to the 80s for the rest of the week. There’s a lot more summer than spring ahead of us at this point, and you’ll feel the ‘sting’ of summer this weekend and most of next week!

Huntsville already recorded the first 90-degree day of the year, but it may not be long until we see the second one. Temperatures jump up above average again from the end of this week through the middle of next week, and that will have us flirting with 90ºF again within a week’s time.

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