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Local senior center gives opportunities for meaningful work

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A good craftsman knows that having sharp tools is essential to creating a masterpiece, and as we age, experts say it's a good idea to keep our own tools sharp too.

"As you get older your grip gets a bit weaker so that something you can hold on too," said Chuck Vogel.

At the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center, you can find Joseph Palazzo and many others doing just that.

"It's fantastic, it gives people an extension of life," said Palazzo.

Possibly adding days to the calendar, and filling the days with meaningful work.

"Purpose, the purpose is what you need in life all the time. Especially when you get older," said Palazzo.

Some say senior centers don't always get the credit they deserve.

"I fought for it because I was like, it's for old people, well I am one.," said Donna Lofty.

Age is just a number and if the joking and laughter are any indications, these people haven't aged a bit.

"You know there always ragging on you about something, especially if you make a mistake," said Palazzo.

They are not just building toys and tools with their hands, they are building community in their hearts.

"I don't know, we just have our own little family we sit and have coffee, we talk about everything under the sun," said Patty Trigg.

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