Medical marijuana vote delayed in state Senate

(Photo: Getty Images)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A medical marijuana bill has stalled in the Alabama Senate under a filibuster threat.

Republican Sen. Tim Melson of Florence delayed a vote on his bill Wednesday night. However, Melson says he believes he has the votes needed to eventually pass the legislation in the Senate.

The bill would set up a state oversight commission and a process for prescribing marijuana for people with certain medical conditions. Patients with a valid medical cannabis card could not be charged with the crime of marijuana possession.

Melson, an anesthesiologist who now does research, said medical marijuana can offer relief to patients with certain chronic conditions.

Republican Sen Larry Stutts, an obstetrician from Tuscumbia, opposed the bill. Stutts raised various concerns, including the adequacy of the research on medical marijuana.

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