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Oakwood University choir plans to support loved ones of man killed in California crash

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Oakwood University choir, the Aeolians, will be returning this week from San Francisco. They were there for a concert and were involved in a fiery bus crash Saturday night.

They lost all of their belongings but none of the 20 students were injured. One man who was driving an SUV that crashed into the bus did die from his injuries.

A spokesperson for the school says the students and staff “are fine,” and so grateful for all of the support that has been given and offered, but want to turn their attention to supporting the loved ones of the man who lost his life.

“One thing that will definitely stay with our students is that God protects, is that God watches over them,” said Kenn Dixon, Oakwood University’s director of public relations.

He says that the university’s crisis management team is prepared to counsel the group when they return.

“They have already been put on alert, and they will be mobilized and will meet our students where their needs are,” he said.

The choir group and the university recognize this could have been so much worse, and ultimately, are thankful that all of them are returning home safely. Many of them will graduate form the university this weekend.

“They lost a lot as far as their material possessions, but we’re so grateful they didn’t lose their lives,” Dixon said. “Even though there was tragedy, there is always going to be triumph.”

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