Local high school seniors watch rocket launch carrying experiment they built

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket launched into space for the 11th time Thursday morning. Thousands watched via a live webcast, and admired the technology that will soon send tourists into space.

But for a few north Alabama students, they were watching their own handiwork fly into the sky.

"We put something into space. That's not something a lot of people say they did," said Carson keel, a senior at New Century Technology High School.

A team of students at NCTHS have been working since January on building an experiment to measure pressure, temperature, and altitude at the edge of space.  The experiment they built, along with 38 other experiments from schools across the country flew up to space in the capsule of the New Shepard rocket.

This launch rocketed straight up, released the capsule at the edge of space where the experiments can collect data, then both the booster and the capsule came back down and landed on Earth.

These young engineers will be able to collect their space data when the experiment is sent back to them in a matter of weeks.

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