Local scientists selected to update national genetic standards and language

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Dr. David Bick and Elaine Lyon will take part in the American College of Medical Genetics working group.

This group will update the standard for interpreting genetic test results.
These standards will help provide consistency for the patient -- as well as a diagnosis.
Bick said it's important to make sure medical professionals continue to speak the same language.

"I know that if I can work with my laboratory colleagues all over the world, I will have moved the field of genetics forward; really helped lots and lots of patients, whom I'll never see, but I know that my work will have helped them," says Bick.

Bick and Lyon also helped create the first set of standards.

The selected group will meet and draft changes over the next 18 months.

Bick said he expects the updated genetic language to be published within two years.

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