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Panoply Arts Festival gives unique experience to attendees

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Panoply Arts Festival has been a Huntsville tradition for 37 years.

With more than 100 artists, musicians and unique things to discover, Alabamians experience something new every year.

However, one unique story can be found in booth number 55. Susan Coe, a former engineer, said she wanted to try something new.

"I used to be an engineer and I was able to leave that early and I wanted to try something new," she explained. "The choice was weaving or pottery and there was one spot left in the pottery class and somehow it took over my life."

That decision blossomed into something so much bigger.

"I've done embroidery and woodwork and weaving and you name it," she continued. "If it's three-dimensional I've done it and this is the thing I've really turned out to enjoy the most."

Coe said she realized passion is more valuable than success.

"Money is nice, it does make it so I don't have to worry about things but it's not everything," she stated.

Now her true adorations show up in her work - like her love of nature.

"I use a lot of the things that I see in my garden like dogwoods, the irises - these are the irises out of my garden - and so I use those for inspiration for what I put on the pieces," she said.

Coe's story is just one of many stories visitors can find at Panoply.

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