Baron Critical Weather Institute announces high-density weather observation network

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The Baron Critical Weather Institute announced its first initiative on Friday.

They plan to implement a high-density, real-time, weather sensory network. This means to have sensors every ten square miles, giving information every ten seconds.

Many years ago, there were only two weather sensors for all of northern Alabama, which made it had to pick up real weather changes.

This new high-density network will allow people to see the strengthening or diminishing of storms as they happen. A few sensors have already been placed throughout the area and Baron Critical Weather Intelligence President Bob Baron says he's seen them in action.

"The first few that we installed happen to be just before the last freeze that we had this spring," said Baron. "I was actually able to look and see where it was freezing and where it wasn't freezing at a degree of resolution that I've never seen before."

This will be an extra layer of protection for the people of northern Alabama. This way, WHNT News 19, the Weather Authority, will be able to keep the public with the best up-to-date information available.

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