Warming up, staying dry through mid-week

Easter Sunday started off on a chilly note with morning lows in the upper 30s to lower 40s, but it quickly thawed into the upper 70s under a mostly sunny sky.

These same conditions will linger for Monday, albeit with a slightly warmer start: mid to upper 40s for Monday morning, followed by a quick warm up into the upper 70s to lower 80s in the afternoon.

The Tennessee Valley will remain dry through late Wednesday/early Thursday, when our next rainmaker approaches from Texas.

Warmer Days Ahead: April’s average high temperature ranges from 70°F at the beginning of the month to 77°F at the end of the month. So far, we’ve been pretty close to hovering around that ‘average’ number in April. The last week of the month will likely tip us just above the ‘official’ average.

An area of high pressure will sweep along the Gulf coast from west to east over the next few days, bringing a taste of warmer air from the west as it does so. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all have a good chance at bringing 80 degree weather back to the Tennessee Valley.

The end of the week doesn’t bring colder air, but more clouds and rain will likely suppress temperatures back into the 70s.

Rain, Thunderstorms Return Thursday: Our next chance at rain and some storms comes with a slow-moving storm system that approaches by the end of the week.

This system is not particularly strong compared to the previous two systems from earlier this month. Key atmospheric dynamics that are necessary for severe weather seem to be lacking within this upcoming system, so while a few rumbles of thunder are likely, it’s doubtful that we will experience anything stronger than a brief gust of wind. Heavy downpours are also likely, though the overall rainfall total will remain below 1 inch for the majority of the Tennessee Valley.

When will the rain and storms arrive? We’ll narrow down the timing and storm threat in the coming days, so check back with us!

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