American Hope hoping to follow in Alabama’s footsteps

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The boys from Fort Payne brought us "Mountain Music." And now, another generation of musicians with ties to Lookout Mountain are hoping to leave their own footprints on the music world.

Meet Jaydn, Jameson and Kenyon Hope. The brothers have been making music for about 10 years. Jameson was six. Jadyn was five and Kenyon was four. They started singing together after an acapella concert at a Huntsville church.  “We really liked our harmony, how they sounded together, how they sang together, you know, how they had fun on stage,” Jameson said.

The boys then added instruments. “Guitar, bass, drums, it was really like, okay, we can do this so we started picking it up as we went along,” Jameson said. The boys are homeschooled in their home near Atlanta, which leaves plenty of time to work on their music.  “We started out in the living room,” Kenyon said with a big smile, “Now, we've taken over the whole dining room. Mom's had to move everything out of there and now we have the dining room as our music room.”

And there are two siblings waiting in the wings. 12-year-old Kalyn is learning to play the keyboard. 9-year-old Greyson is practicing guitar. “Greyson's up and coming,” his brother Jadyn said, “He's planning to steal the spotlight. He's trying to do everything we do but better.”

American Hope is truly a family affair. “It really keeps you together with the people you love. It's been a huge blessing. God has continuously opened doors for us to do this,” Jadyn said. Jameson added, “That's the big one.” Jadyn continued, “And it's just really nice because you can always work with each other.”

The boys grew up listening to their favorite country group, Alabama. “While mom was cooking dinner, dad would play Alabama,” Jameson remembers, “That's one of the first songs I learned on guitar was Mountain Music.”

And with good reason. Randy Owen in their third cousin. Teddy Gentry is their fourth cousin and Jeff Cook is a sixth cousin. They’ve grown up performing at Randy’s annual cattle sale, “Dixieland Delight” at his farm on Lookout Mountain. “We've played at his fandemonium on the farm for his fan day and just really let us you know, have the chance to play and do what we love,” Jameson added.

What they love is writing and performing their own songs. Even mom Qyayla and Dad Jeff write. He grew up in Adamsburg about a mile and a half down the road from Randy’s “Tennessee River Music” farm. So, it was only natural to shoot their latest music video, “I Like It Like That” in Fort Payne. Jameson said, “A summer day in a small town, we really capture that essence. Fort Payne, you couldn't ask for a better place.”

Randy’s daughter Allison directed the project. “We wanted to capture the small town feel and what it's like to be country and everything and I think we captured it pretty well,” Kenyon added. “It was just such a fun experience, a learning experience and we had an absolutely great time doing it,” Jadyn said.

The boys will be performing at the Canyon Rocks Concert Series Saturday April 27. It’s at the JSU Canyon Center Amphitheatre in Fort Payne. Gates open at five. For ticket prices and more information, click here.

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