Severe weather knocks over tree at front entrance of Huntsville Botanical Garden

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Storms over Thursday night caused one large tree to fall in the road of the Huntsville Botanical Garden entrance.

The damage blocked cars from driving through the entrance Thursday night into early Friday morning, so staff rerouted traffic through the front parking lot.

The Director of Horticulture says it's not surprising that this specific tree took a fall.

"It's really hard to say what's happening underneath trees but we had seen some signs of girdling many years ago," says Niki Sothers. "That's where the root is kind of going around and starving it. And so, it wasn't able to grow a root system."

Sothers also says because the tree had not been very healthy, it wouldn't have taken too much to knock over the tree.

Crews cleaned up the wreckage Friday morning.

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