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Check out the view on National Lineman Appreciation Day

DECATUR, Ala. - April 18 is National Linemen Appreciation Day. Decatur Utilities is recognizing the men and women who build and maintain the city's electric system.

"When we get called in, we know people are out. It's our passion to get them on as soon as we can, as safe as we can. It's one thing that you're bred into being a lineman," says Hayden Dye, who is a lineman for Decatur Utilities.

In a profession that often gets overlooked,Dye says he's thankful for the appreciation. "We do work long hours. We go on storms. You know, we're always out in the middle of the night when it's raining, sleeting, thundering. We're the ones out there working."

He says it's his passion to help others through this career. "If your family member is on oxygen,  hospitals, if the power is out, without power they can't do anything. It's the simple things you don't think about."

Dye says there's no real way to prepare, you just have to go to work when called. "You know it might be an easy day like this, where it's sunny and pretty, and the next thing you know it starts raining, lightning, and stuff's going down left and right. I mean there's no way to prepare because when you get called in, you never know what's happening," says Dye.

Dye says all linemen want is a little patience while they are working to get power back to people during outage times.

Decatur Utilities also recognizes their support personnel, substation crews, engineers, dispatchers, warehouse personnel and many others also help keep the power flowing.

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