New poll says voters divided on Sen. Doug Jones’s job performance, but would vote to replace him in 2020

According to a new poll, Alabama residents are evenly divided on how they think Sen. Doug Jones is handling his job but said they would vote to replace him in 2020.

The poll from Mason-Dixon said 45% of voters surveyed approve of Jones's performance, 44% disapprove, with 11% not sure.

However, 50% of voters surveyed said they would replace him with a Republican in 2020, 40% would re-elect Jones, with 10% not sure.

As for potential Republican challengers, Mason-Dixon's poll stated 27% of voters surveyed statewide support Roy Moore, who Jones defeated in the 2017 special election. Three current Congressmen are behind Moore - Mo Brooks (18%), Bradley Byrne (13%), and Gary Palmer (11%). Trailing behind Palmer are Del Marsh (4%) and Tim James (2%). 25% of voters across the state are undecided.

According to the poll, Moore still remains a divisive figure among Republican voters - 34% of those surveyed view Moore favorably, with 29% viewing him unfavorably. The other potential candidates are all viewed unfavorably by only single-digit percentages.

In a run-off election scenario, none of the Congressmen who could potentially face Moore have the same baggage as his 2017 run-off opponent - Senator Luther Strange. Strange was appointed by former Governor Robert Bentley, who later resigned from office.

Across North Alabama, 47% of voters surveyed disapproved of Jones, 42% approved, with 11% not sure. 51% of voters surveyed in North Alabama would replace Jones in 2020, with 37% re-electing him, and 12% undecided.

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