SAF-T-Net app notifications end, make the switch to Live Alert 19

WHNT News 19 wants to encourage you to download the new Live Alert 19 app now.

The developers of the SAF-T-Net app have alerted us to a change in the app that will keep notifications from being sent to mobile devices. That being said, Baron Services, the company that developed the SAF-T-Net app, is also the company that has developed the Live Alert 19 app.

Baron Services is a well-respected name in the weather community. Their state-of-the-art technology is exactly what you’ll find in the Live Alert 19 app. The only difference? Alerts and notifications will still go to your device. This information could potentially save your life in the event of severe weather.

Live Alert 19 gives you storm and lighting alerts based on locations you enter or your current location, if locations services are turned on. You can also, watch the latest video forecast from the WHNT News 19 Meteorologists and check their latest Weather Authority blog posts! Download the app for iOS or Android.

NOAA Weather Radio is a critical part of the warning process as well. Live Alert 19 is location-specific, not county-based warnings.  The NOAA Weather Radio is still county-based and gives you notice for severe weather in the area whether you are in the warning polygon or not.  Learn how to program your NOAA Weather Radio here.

If you don’t have a smart phone,  but wish to receive text alert about severe weather, you can still sign up for Alabama SAF-T-Net’s email/text alert option.

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