Try new or old varieties of Petunia in your garden

The Petunia has been a popular flower for decades, but over the past 10-20 years, flower breeding has expanded how many varieties of petunia are out there.  Some of the new varieties may act or look different than the regular garden petunia.

Normal garden petunia comes in several colors ranging from white, red, pink, and purple.  These classic petunias typically need their spent flowers pulled off in order for the plant to have a clean look.  It'll also allow for new flower bud growth.

Newer breeds, such as supertunias, can offer a larger variety of colors and sizes in their flowers.  Supertunias are often self-cleaning, shedding their old flowers themselves.

Both classic and new petunias like to grow, so be prepared to add some slow release fertilizer to the soil, or supplement the water with a liquid fertilizer.  And whether you use the old fashioned petunia, or the newer breeds, try planting some in your garden this season.


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