NASA spinoffs developed in the Rocket City

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – NASA doesn’t make, advertise or sell any commercial products but different entrepreneurs take the space agency’s research and turn it into products for sale.

This year’s NASA Spinoff 2019 Magazine features all the new products inspired by NASA but three of the products were created using research conducted in Huntsville at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Iceless cooler: 

A company in Texas is planning to make an iceless cooler for drinks, lunches, and leftovers. Prime Bilec will be using research from Marshall scientists who developed a product to absorb heat. The coating was developed to protect rocket boosters from the extreme heat of launch. Read more on page 154-155 of NASA Spinoff Magazine.

Tiny springs: 

A Georgia company plans to sell a micro coil spring which was developed at Marshall to solve an issue with printed circuit boards in space. This is to help protect the solder that holds components to the circuit boards. Topline Corp. is selling it commercially as a connector. Read about it on page 137 of Spinoff.

Efficient power plant software: 

Rocket builders, jet airplane developers, and gas turbine power plants are the potential market buyers for this product design at Marshall. This software product was developed as a “software toolkit” and it uses an improved process to predict combustion instability by tracking sources of energy that could cause such things as acoustics, combustion, and thermal effects. The product should make fixing an engine easier. Read more about it on page 131-132 of NASA Spinoff report.

Read the full Spinoff Report here.

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