Latest Medicare scam names Madison County Health Department

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The Alabama Department of Public Health is warning you about the latest Medicare scam, and a spokesperson there said that scam mentions the Madison County Health Department.

ADPH said Monday that for the past week, people around Alabama have reported getting unsolicited phone calls from people believed to be scammers.

Regina Patterson, ADPH Director of Information and Technology, said the callers are spoofing the Madison County Health Department and pretending to be affiliated with the department.

"You have people who have just called one of our department numbers and are using it to call citizens here in the state," she said. "On the calls, they were inquiring about Medicare coverage, and on some of them they were inquiring about health insurance as if they were trying to make a solicitation for health insurance or sell health insurance."

But the problem is, leaders said no health department would make calls like that.

"It's just not how we do business," Patterson said. "The department does not make these types of calls, inquire about people's health insurance coverage, nor would we call and ask you to purchase any type of health insurance coverage."

Northern District Administrator Judy Smith said through an ADPH press release that no one from the Madison County Health Department has been making these calls, and she advises everyone who gets one to hang up immediately.

ADPH encourages everyone who gets a call like this not to provide your personal information or address to the person on the other end of the line.

Patterson said this type of Medicare scam typically happens via email, but this is the first tie the department has heard of scams that name them happening by phone.

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