Huntsville girls learn about STEM at “All Girls Auto Know”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Barbie said it best when she said, "Girls can be anything!"

At Huntsville Toyota's second annual event, "All Girls Auto Know," around 150 6th-8th grade girls from across the Huntsville area were told this as they learned about the automotive industry.

The purpose of "All Girls Auto Know" is to introduce young girls to the automotive industry and spark interest in STEM-related fields.

"This gives girls, like myself if I would've had the chance when I was younger, the opportunity to get exposed to things," said Toyota manager Jeneen Horton. "It just gives them more opportunity, more exposure so that they can make a better career choice for themselves"

Two girls that attended shared their dreams of being a doctor or mechanic, and a car designer.

Anna Lisa Marchello is a student at Morris P-8 and has already learned how to change a tire. She took interest in a car that her uncle was working on. He asked her if she'd like to learn how to change the tire... and of course, she said yes.

"It was dirty and I was so happy," said Marchello.

Each step Marchello makes towards the STEM field makes her excited to inspire other girls. "It makes you feel empowered and more confident that you are going and breaking the glass ceiling that most girls feel like they can't do. You're going the one step to show that female empowerment is real."

The girls were able to tour the Toyota plant and sit in on a career panel of women in the STEM field.

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