Madison County family says “great deal” from paving contractor was a scam job

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Monday afternoon a family thought they were going to get their driveway paved for $1,000, but things started to go wrong shortly after the paving company started the job.

A white truck pulled into a family's home in Toney in Madison County. The man in the truck claimed to be with "Pro-Pave" and he said he'd recently finished a paving job down the road and had asphalt left over.

So, he offered to pave their entire driveway for $1,000.

But then the homeowner, Amanda says there was a problem. "Then when he got halfway done, he stopped. Came and knocked on the door and said 'you know, we're at $1,000 right now from this point of what we've already done until the road. We'll do the rest for $1,800.'"

But when Amanda and her husband tried to negotiate the price since the verbal agreement was $1,000 the man demanded more money.

Amanda says the man was pushy and said he would dig up the work they had done if they didn't pay him.

The man argued with them and then Amanda's husband said he overheard the man speaking to someone on the phone and telling them their personal information. That's when the family started to worry.

"I came out here and told the guys, 'look, I've contacted the authorities and they're on their way,'" said Amanda.

Then she said it was incredible how quickly the men packed up their equipment.

Now, Amanda says she has a mess in her driveway.

And while part of the driveway is paved, Amanda says she believes the asphalt wasn't mixed properly and it will start to disintegrate soon.

"The chemicals or whatever they're supposed to use, they did not mix it. So online said that scammers do this and it will break away in the next couple of weeks," said Amanda.

But even though Amanda's family has to deal with this now, she's just hoping others will be aware and learn from her situation.

"I want everybody to know and just to be alert of these guys knocking on your door and trying to scam you out of your money."

She says since they stood up to the men, they, fortunately, didn't lose any money.

They've contacted the Madison County Sheriff's Office and hope others will say no to "Pro-Pave."

Madison County deputies want to remind everyone to ask for a business license and written agreement before anyone works on their home and call the Better Business Bureau to be safe.

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