The Peak of Alabama’s Severe Weather Season Arrives Soon

The state of Alabama has already experienced severe storms, and an above average number of tornadoes for the year so far; we have yet to enter the peak of our severe weather season though.

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In terms of any severe weather occurring (including damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes) the peak of severe weather season comes in late May/early June. If we look at only tornado probability though, we see a spike earlier in the season: in April.

The peak of tornado season typically comes earlier due to the seasonal changes that help drive severe weather seasons.

During winter the jet stream tends to dive farther south. When spring rolls around it starts to make its move back to the north. This shift can position the storm track right over Alabama in Spring, sending stronger storm systems our way. This can also contribute to the same spike in the probability of tornadoes in the fall.

It’s important to remember that severe weather, including tornadoes, can occur any month of the year. Make sure you’re prepared year-round and keep up with the latest forecast with WHNT!

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