New smart gym opens in Madison

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MADISON, Ala. - Huntsville is ranked as the 33rd most obese and unhealthy city in America, according to WalletHub. The site says cities are ranked according to their obesity rates, access to healthy foods to diet, and by how much people say they exercise. A new smart studio opening on April 1 in Madison hopes to help get the area off the list one day.

Tom Palmisano, the owner of The Exercise Coach, says the smart studio is better than your average gym, and it's helping with health risks we face.

"We're struggling with all these different diseases. Statistics have shown that people who work on the type two muscles -the muscle quality, they've improved blood pressure, they've reversed type two diabetes," said Palmisano.

The equipment gives you immediate biofeedback after your workouts including how much force you exerted and where you could improve.

Palmisano hopes people of all ages will join in on getting fit since their equipment is designed to help people avoid injury.

"If you have any type of injury, say you've had like I've had my knee scoped and back surgery. I would be afraid to get on a piece of equipment because I'm going to probably not know where my perfect range of motion is. I'm not going to know what strength or what weights to put on a machine," said Palmisano.

He says the equipment at The Exercise Coach knows those things, and you always get a personal trainer to work with you. You're also given a personal code so the equipment will remember your workouts and information each time you go to workout.

The machine is designed to make sure you use perfect form while exercising and that you're engaging all muscles.

Each workout only takes 20 minutes, and you're only supposed to workout twice a week. To find out more information on the smart studio, click here. This will be the first smart studio in Alabama.

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