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Allergy-friendly plants can help keep your garden’s pollen levels low

Spring means two things:  plants coming back to life with new leaves and bright flowers, and pollen.  Here are a few suggestions of 'allergy friendly' plants that have heavy, sticky pollen or little to no pollen at all.

Some shrubs and flowers have a sticky pollen that doesn't tend to blow in the wind, like hydrangeas and begonias.

Columbine and Snap Dragon plants certainly have pollen, but the flowers tend to hide the pollen, making it hard for the pollen to be distributed.  In these cases, insects and bees can get inside the flower, but the pollen doesn't scatter in the air as much.

Roses, Jesamine, Red bud trees, and perennial geraniums are also good allergy friendly flowers to add to your garden.  So while you may not be able to control all the plants around you, you can plant some beautiful allergy friendly shrubs and flowers in your garden so you can stay outside to enjoy  the spring.


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