Shelly Spain wins $319 for her classroom at Douglas Middle School

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - Down the road in Marshall County is a teacher dedicated to helping her student learn skills that will make them successful in life.

Shelly Spain teaches at Douglas Middle School and the school's principal had several compliments for the dedicated teacher.

"She knows all the bells and whistles to get the best she can get out of her children because she has a connection with them," said Principal Sarah Mitchell.

Shelly Spain prepares her kids for what's ahead in life.

"It’s a continuous build of instruction and skills that’s going to make them successful in life. Their next 60 years depends on what they are doing in their classroom," said Mitchell.

Shelly Spain explains that everything she does in the classroom is for her students.

"It goes back to why I do this. I love my kids, I try to incorporate the parents as much as possible but it goes back to the kiddos, my students," said Spain.

Mrs. Spain wants her students to focus on staying strong and finishing school.

"Stay strong and to finish, we want to finish school that is our goal.  Stick with it and do what we do best and go, graduate," said Spain.

Shelly Spain was thrilled to receive the extra cash for her classroom. Mrs. Spain also has a message for the person who wrote in the nomination.

"Just thank you. It means a lot it really does. I am not the one that likes the spotlight on me….but….I don’t know it means a lot," said Spain.

Tell us about a public school teacher you feel deserves recognition. Send us your nomination today! Honorees will receive $319 for their classroom. Nominees must teach in K-12 public schools in the WHNT News 19 viewing area.



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