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NASA supporter says Vice President’s visit is a good sign for future space missions

HUNTSVILLE, Ala - Vice President Mike Pence visited Huntsville Tuesday and made it clear he wants NASA to put people on the moon in five years.

He urged NASA to stay on this schedule and said if they can't, the administration might use commercial crafts to do it. But NASA supporters say this is a good sign.

Mark McDaniel serves on the Human Exploration and Operations Committee of the NASA Advisory Council. He says moving forward on the mission to the moon will help space policy transcend future administrations.

"The next administration that comes in, what will be the space policy? You know? What will that president to say space policy is? If we have Gateway up there that helps with sustainability. And that's the keyword sustainability," he said.

McDaniel says all too often, when a new president is elected, funding shifts for NASA and it alters progress on their missions.

McDaniel has faith in NASA to be able to complete this mission on time. He also hopes that eventually people won't only be sent to the moon, but to Mars and beyond.

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