Probation revoked for man involved in standoff near Paint Rock

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - A man from Paint Rock is now in jail after a standoff with sheriff's deputies. Tim Summers will soon go before a judge on several charges.

Deputies say they already arrested Summers for the same thing a few years ago and he was out on probation when the incident occurred.

It was a tense evening on Wednesday for Jackson and Madison County deputies as well as neighbors along County Road 1.

"When we heard the name of who was involved, we kind of knew what was going on," Jackson County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen said.

Deputies say Tim Summers started shooting from his home near Paint Rock. One of the bullets hit a neighbor's car. Deputies then surrounded his home, but say he refused to come out.

"If he'd have walked outside, it would've been over with," Harnen said.

Six hours later, deputies arrested Summers after trying tear gas and blowing off his front door. Two days later, there's broken glass and yellow tape, the windows are boarded up.

"It really could've turned out worse, somebody could've been hurt or killed," Harnen said.

Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips says this week was not Summers' first run-in with the law. Three years ago, he showed up at his ex-mother in law's house. He was convinced it was his house, he was armed and didn't want to leave.

"The problem we run into with the mental evaluations, which are wonderful, as long as the person is not on drugs," Harnen said.

Harnen says after passing a mental evaluation in 2017, Summers was free to go home and his confiscated guns were returned. Harnen says that's not likely this time around.

"He needs help. And it may be through the judicial system or the mental health system," Harnen said. "But he definitely needs help before he gets back out on the street so he doesn't hurt somebody."

On Friday evening, WHNT News 19 talked some of Summers' relatives, who declined to appear on camera. Summers' bond is $33,500, but since his probation is revoked, he'll remain in jail.

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