Rise in fuel costs is normal this time of year but drivers can still save at the pump

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - You may be packing up the car for your spring break trip but AAA Alabama said you should know something before you fuel up.

"This is the time of year where our prices are increasing because our demand is increasing, it's also the time we switch over to the summer blend fuel," said Clay Ingram of AAA Alabama.

There are ways to spend less at the pump and more on spring break festivities.

AAA said Alabamians are doing a terrible job of price shopping. "Most people are buying gas based on convenience rather than price and that's just a license for these gas companies to mark the gas prices higher and higher and higher."

Being a more consistent driver on the highway is also said to save your coins.

"The hard stops, the quick starts, accelerating and decelerating all the time," explained Ingram. "Have more of a consistent speed and you'll save a lot of gas that way."

AAA also said it's vital for drivers to be attentive during travel season.

"Reading a billboard, or traffic signs, to talking on the phone or reading a map, or talking to someone else in the car, changing the radio station," Ingram added. " All those things are distractions."

And because you won't be the only one on Alabama's highways, "Your margin of error will be less, the cars will be closer to you and your reaction time will be less," said Ingram. "So, having your focus and attention on the road is much more important now than it usually is."

AAA said you can blame some of the highway congestion in the coming weeks on the demand for beaches and blue skies.

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