Food Bank of North Alabama hosts annual Hunger Summit

Food Bank of North Alabama Executive Director Shirley Schofield presents information at the organization's annual Hunger Summit, held at First Baptist Church in Huntsville.

Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) – Hunger is something people hide because they’re ashamed or or don’t want negative labels like lazy. However, the truth is it’s a big problem in north Alabama.

The Food Bank of North Alabama held its annual Hunger Summit to bring awareness to the issue, highlight programs that feed those in need, discuss solutions to end hunger and connect partner agencies to resources.

It was held at First Baptist Church in Huntsville. The goal is to show that hunger has many faces, including children, seniors, college students and individuals who work, but don’t have enough money leftover to buy food after paying for their other living expenses.

According to Feeding America statistics, one in six people are food insecure in north Alabama. Nearly one in four children in north Alabama live at risk of hunger. Food insecurity is term that describes scenarios where people skip meals, eat reduced portions or go hungry because they don’t have money to buy food.

Learn more about children who struggle with hunger and what’s being done to end hunger in our communities.

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