Students prepare during college and career week amid college admission scandal

MADISON, Ala. - Spring break begins next week for Madison City Schools, but college and career may be on the minds of many students, particularly seniors and juniors observing college and career week at Bob Jones High School.

Students attended a panel discussion with Bob Jones graduates who shared their college experience and gave advice on Wednesday. Students also had strong opinions about the recent college admissions scandal.

Kafui Sakyi-Addo is a senior at Bob Jones High School. She's one of the many students disappointed to learn that while they are working to get their test scores up, elites have been paying their way into college.

"We have just been working so so hard to prepare for college and I think its incredibly unfair that someone, just because they are at a higher socioeconomic level, can just pay their way into college for a kid," said Kafui Sakyi-Addo.

Students said while this news is upsetting they know nothing can replace their hard work.

"I know some of my friends are coming from poorer families and had to work really hard to get up there," said Gabriel Kuenzli.

Gabriel Kuenzli is a Bob Jones alum currently attending Dartmouth. He was invited to give current high school students advice during college and career week.

"What I have to say to the high school students who don't fall into that kind of family is do the best that you can. Try your best. In the end, you get more satisfaction from knowing that you actually earned it instead of having someone pay for it," said Kuenzli.

Bob Jones Principal Sylia Lambert says they have several things in place to help students prepare for college.

"Different Programs we have different classes that can help prepare them for college testing. In our college career center, we have experts come in and help students fill out the FAFSA for example," said Lambert.

Lambert says she is confident that Bob Jones is best preparing students to have success after high school, no matter the circumstances.

Faculty and staff are wearing their college and career gear all week. Other events happening throughout the week include door decoration, a poster contest, visiting college reps, and assistance in financial aid applications.

Thursday, Bob Jones will hold a parent night for sophomore and junior parents. Outside the guidance office upstairs, there is a collection of pennants/posters/hats sporting various college insignia - and a photo backdrop where students can photograph themselves with their college of choice.

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