Alabama inmate’s hunger strike ends after move to Kilby Infirmary from Holman Correctional

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Robert Council’s lawyer confirms to WHNT News 19 the Alabama Department of Corrections moved Council to Kilby Infirmary where he is eating and under observation. This ends Council’s six-day hunger strike.

David Gespass said Council will be returned to general population after observation. Inmates told WHNT News 19 Council was put in segregation at Holman Correctional on February 28, after a raid at St. Clair Correctional where he was in general population. It is unclear if Council had any contraband.

The inmates said they put Council in solitary confinement in Holman without a reason.

“They shook down his cell and they found a cell phone there, which his cell mate said was his,” Gespass explained. “But, he was told, ‘Well you violated your probation,’ which he never knew he was on.”

Gespass represents Council and is currently involved in an open case with him in Jefferson County for “writ of habeas corpus.” He filed that on December 11, 2017.

“If we could ever litigate the habeas corpus, maybe we could know their reasons,” Gespass said. “Right now, I just don’t know.”

Gespass said he filed it after his client, Council, was placed in segregation at Holman Correctional Facility on January 22, 2014 for having a cell phone battery and a Facebook page, the filing said. The document goes on to say Council was held in solitary for four years, at different prisons, without a hearing, regular review, or a means to get out of segregation and into the general population.

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