Owens Cross Roads home vandalized with hate symbol

HUNTSVILLE, Ala - A hate symbol and a strange word was spray painted on a home in Owens Cross Roads. The people who live there say it was on their home for a week before they discovered it.

At the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet Owens Crossroads community, one family is asking the question, why?

"Why would they do that to us and why that symbol," Melanie Steudlein said.

She took to social media to express her concern. She says her family discovered their home was vandalized over the weekend when they were checking on a neighbor's house. They found out later a neighbor saw it last week.

"So, you can see the shiny, that's where we have sprayed some more vandalism remover on it, and our can just stopped working," she said.

To make matters worse they're having trouble washing it off.

"We talked to sandblasting companies and the guy for the company said the only thing that would get it off would be sandblasting which was like $300," she said.

Steudlein says if there is anything the community can take away from her story it's that people should always be vigilant

"Because if someone could get that close to our house, while we were probably in it, and us not know about it, then that's what scary," she said.

The family is getting cameras. They hope having them will prevent something like this from happening again. At the very least it could show them who did this and help dispel their fears.

The family does not feel like this was a direct threat, but they are concerned and want to prevent this from happening to anyone else.
Huntsville Police believe a child or multiple children were possibly involved.

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