Redstone Arsenal prepares for full-scale emergency exercise

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A large-scale exercise is happening at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Tuesday. Team Redstone personnel will conduct the biannual Installation Full-Scale Exercise.

When arsenal employees drive through the gates in the morning they will be reminded that the installation's full-scale emergency exercise is happening.

"Guards will let everyone know as they come through the gates in the morning to be expecting the full-scale exercise," said Julie Frederick, public affairs director for the US Army Redstone Garrison.

There will be signage in place that shows people where the exercise will be set up at the arsenal. Once it begins, public affairs will alert the public by using social media and the Redstone Explorer app.

"So that if you start seeing emergency vehicles coming on to the post or going around the installation because a lot of our force do follow our social media pages, that it's well known that the exercise has begun," Frederick said.

All posts and emails about the drill will begin by saying "exercise exercise exercise". Employees with an active role will be told to get into position while others will continue with business as usual unless instructed otherwise. Not many details are being released about the exercise at this time. Arsenal officials say they are partnering with law enforcement agencies, hospitals and HEMSI.

These pictures of previous exercises show that it will simulate an emergency situation.

"We do paint people up. Its called moulage and we do simulate injuries for whatever the scenario is," Frederick said.

The arsenal holds exercises like this to ensure all of their response plans will work if an actual emergency situation occurs.

Because this is just a simulation, Frederick does not believe any of the gates will be closed.

Col. Kelsey Smith, who serves as the Garrison Commander,  will be holding a media briefing Tuesday afternoon. At that time, arsenal leaders will disclose more about what the exercise entails.

The exercise will last a day and a half, but Wednesday's drill will focus on recovery efforts and isn't planned to affect daily activities at the arsenal.

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