After recent repair, more cracks showing up along US-231

LACEY'S SPRING, Ala.- Less than two weeks after ALDOT repaved a section of a mountain road in Morgan County, drivers are seeing cracks in the road once again.

Monday afternoon was a clear day for swift-moving traffic heading up Brindlee Mountain.

"Anytime you construct something on the mountainside, you're going to see some sort of movement," ALDOT public information officer Seth Burkett said.

A break from the rain makes the trip home on Highway 231 much shorter than it was two weeks ago when the bright vest workers were fixing a large crack on the mountainside.

"We repaired that crack, but we did a fairly cost-efficient repair that was intended to be a temporary fix," Burkett continued.

ALDOT says February's massive rainfall contributed to the sizable crack. On Monday, commuters were concerned again after spotting more cracks in the southbound lane.

"You've got that pavement continuing to settle a little bit," Burkett added. "It's not the movement on the mountainside like what we thought caused the initial crack."

Burkett says the immediate fix for this stretch of road is more crack sealing, more repaving if necessary. However, he says after looking at the integrity of the road, ALDOT doesn't believe there's a danger to the everyday commuter.

"Hopefully, in the long run, we'll be to determine what was the cause of this movement," Burkett said.

Burkett says much like patching potholes, sealing the cracks on US-231 is a short-term fix until the rainy season is over.

Burkett says engineers will need to study the road further, so they'll be putting inclinometers along the mountain over the next few weeks, which measure slope and elevation.

Looking at ALDOT's five-year plan for 2019, though, there's nothing proposed yet for a long-term fix for the section of 231 along Brindlee Mountain.

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