Missing rodeo bull Half Moon captured after two weeks

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Half Moon, the rodeo bull that escaped two weeks ago, is now back on the farm.

This, after being nearly captured Thursday night. He originally got loose from the Alabama A & M University Agribition Center on February 22nd. The bull was eventually found on Meridianville Bottom Road near the Madison County Executive Airport.

Authorities said around 9:30 p.m. that Half Moon, the bull, was recovered and is now loaded on his owner's cattle trailer.

A previous search had centered at Robert Strong Road.

With a rattling bucket of corn, William Strong was trying to whet the appetite of his cattle.

"They didn't pay any attention today," Strong said. "I don't know why."

For a few days this week, Strong says Half Moon has been paying him a visit.

"I looked at his horn, which was sawed off, and said, this looks like a rodeo bull, he might've got out from the rodeo," Strong said.

His cows wouldn't call, but Strong had already called the sheriff, who called the bull's owners.

"These guys came right out, but there was no bull. He had disappeared again," Strong said.

It's been a frustrating two weeks for the owners, since Half Moon escaped from the rodeo at Alabama A & M. Searching by horseback and with tracking dogs, the cowboys had the prize bull in their sights.

After that brief, but intense chase through strong's yard, Half Moon was still not playing ball. But the riders called the owner less than an hour to sunset, telling him they believed they had the bull cornered at Beaverdam Creek.

"The rain's been very difficult, it washed away his tracks and we couldn't track him," Half Moon's owner Steve Vinson said.

Hours later, with tired horses and daylight fading, an exhausted Steve Vinson opted to call it a night.

"He's just a bull on the loose and he's young and scared. He's horrified. He's way out of his territorial range. He's more scared than we are," Vinson said Thursday evening.

Vinson says Half Moon may have lost a few hundred pounds in the time he's been loose. And now that he's back, it may take him a month before he's ready for another competition.

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