Rural Madison County getting two new recreation centers

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Two brand new recreational facilities are coming to Madison County.  The commission has allocated $1 million each for new recreation centers in Gurley and New Hope.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill says he is excited to bring these upgrades to his district. "Being a former educator and athletic director that's something that I've enjoyed all my life and we are excited in New Hope and Gurley to be able to construct new rec centers."

Hill says the designs for the centers are already in place. "Both of their gyms now, the ceilings are not high enough to allow volleyball so it will allow them to play basketball and volleyball."

Hill says the difference in the two is that Gurley decided to demolish their current facility and build a completely new facility, while New Hope decided to keep the facility they currently have and add a new building.

Both cities are getting the same funding, but their new recreation centers will vary from each other.

"Now in the Gurley community we have a corporate partner that will allow us to do a little bit more," says Hill.

These new recreational facilities are not only investments in the youth but are part of the family package.

"The Gurley center is on the same property as our senior center so our seniors will be able to use it during the day and they are excited about that to be able to go inside during the day and walk," says Hill.

Right now, there is no set date on when construction will start, but Hill says they hope to have the centers open by next basketball season in October or November.

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