One Year Later: Remembering Sweet Livia

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The tragic loss of 3-year-old Livia Robinson broke many hearts in the community.

Her mother, MeMe McComb took it the hardest. She said some days she feels hopeless and she's been at war with life each and every day since she lost her daughter.

Thursday marked one year to date McComb lost her little girl. She said her entire world crumbled the day Livia died.

Livia Robinson, who affectionately known as Sweet Livia, was shot during a drive-by.

Three people were charged with Capital Murder in Robinson's 2018 death.

McComb said she thought time would heal her heart but it hasn't.

"9 times out of 10, if I'm by myself I'm crying and it just hits me like, 'Livi is gone.' and then I look around and she really is."

She said she had her daughters' childhood planned out. "I was going to put her in cheerleading. She was going to go to school, me and my sister had it all planned out," explained McComb. "She was going to go to Madison Crossroads. We were going to get her in there. "

There were things she wanted to do. "I wanted to take her to see different things, go different places."

And things she wanted to see. "I won't get to see her graduate, I'm not even going to get to see her make her first bad mistake," said McComb.

But she said for some reason, God needed Livia back. "She loved the Lord. She knew how to pray at 3 years old. She knew how to be a comfort to other people," added McComb. "She was kind of like an old soul. She had an old soul at 3."

McComb said burying a child is something no mother wants or should have to do. Even though she knows her baby is with God, she said she's found herself struggling with her faith.

"I know that God is real but I'm struggling with it because that was my only child," explained McComb. "She did not do anything to anybody."

She feels like motherhood was snatched away from her.

"I know I can't get Livia back but it would be a blessing to have another child, and that child have her same personality."

A blessing she said she would be grateful for and she knows Sweet Livia would smile about.

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