Scaled-back search for missing teen resumes at Buck’s Pocket

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – A scaled-back search resumed at Buck’s Pocket State Park Tuesday to look for missing teen Koy Spears.

Jackson County Rescue Squad members walked the shoreline and wooded area adjoining South Sauty Creek searching for the 18-year-old, who was with two other teens in a Jeep when it was swept into the creek during the flooding more than a week ago.

Crews rescued the two other teens that night. The search for Spears started immediately, but the constant rain and swift-moving water made the search difficult. It was suspended for two days after a full day of searching.

“I mean, it’s like a nightmare,” said Koy’s mother, Leslie Spears. “I just keep hoping I’ll wake up and this is all some sort of dream. Koy, I look at the woods every day and hope Koy walks out of them, and says ‘I’m sorry, Mama’, you know? It’s hard.”

Efforts that involved responders from more than three counties resumed last week, and crews used every means available to look for the missing DeKalb County teen.

“It’s a lot of traffic lately, and I thank God for it,” Leslie Spears said.

The search was suspended again after a few days because of more rain and unsafe, swift-moving water. Crews found what could be a vehicle in the water before they stopped searching, but couldn’t confirm if that was the case.

On Tuesday officials said water levels remain high and the current remains strong as patience and perseverance continue to be elements of the search.

The plan is to reassess the situation and potentially have divers in the water and air assets on-site later in the week. Those crews would be provided by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

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