Decatur Police Department receives donation of cold weather suits

DECATUR, Ala. — The Decatur Police Department accepted a donation of cold weather suits Tuesday morning.

The suits were donated to the department by manufacturing company 3M.

Each suit, costing $500, will be given to each of the five officers within the Water Response Unit.

The suits will be used to keep officers warm when entering the river on cold winter months. In addition to keeping the officers warmer, they also serve as a flotation device. Instead of need a separate life vest, they can use the suit in a dangerous situation.

“If the officer were to fall in the water, this is kind of like a life-saving device as well,” says Roger Martin from 3M. “So they’re real heavy, they’re insulated, they’re made for cold weather and for working in cold water off of a boat.”

The same cold weather suit donated to the Decatur Police Department’s Boat Unit is used by the U.S. Coast Guard when they are on vessels in the cold weather.

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